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I remember my first(and probably my last) yoga class back in college. Well, I'm not going to talk about the back-breaking poses the instructors for us do in agonizingly slow
movements, but the essence of yoga itself.

For those who still don't know what yoga really meant to do to a person, yoga is actually an exercise that tails a person's mind to the present. You may say that, "Why would I need help on such a thing that I do everyday anyway?"

That's where we are all wrong all along. Because in fact, the human mind is most of the time, if not a 100%, lingering on the past or future. We regret things in the past, and we can't wait for the future, all the white declining to mind the present. It's quite sad actually, when you think of it that way.

Going back, yoga is like a rope beside a river which you can pull yourself with to get out of the nonstop stream. Some say it's quite relaxing, because it clears the mind by focusing on your surroundings. Some say its very tiring( like for me) because it requires a lot of concentration( and hard ass poses), when in reality it's actually suppose to be normal since it's a way of focusing on the present.

Everyday in our lives, all we do is yearn for the future/past, or waste time running away from the past or uncertainty of the future. We always forget to appreciate the certain present, and how blessed we are that we are in it.

So enjoy your day today, and worry about the next tomorrow ;)

Going back to basics

It's funny how life is so much like a cycle. You go with the basics, then specifics then go back to basics again.


Through all those 16 years of studying,  going to school, meeting new friends specific cycle, I must say that breaking away from thqt cycle gave me the most basic question of all: what should I do with my life now?


I don't have teachers or professors who will tell me what to learn, and my parents who used to tell me what to do will leave me alone tonky decisions. Surely this is the kind of freedom that any young one would want: their life all to their hands.


But what I should do with it? Surely I will work for a living, but then what? What do I basically want with my life?


It's a question that lingers even if one is still in their specific cycle of life, and it rubs on you once you've stepped out of it and into the basics again. Freedom is not as easy as it sounds.


Let it flow

Thinking of what might happen tomorrow.

That's what we do everyday, think and plan for tomorrow. Little did we know that we should be more worried of today, for this moment, this very moment you're reading the words of this blog entry for the first time, will never come back.

The tomorrow will surely come in hours, but today, it will never come back.

So let it flow, and enjoy every moment of today, so you can have memories when tomorrow comes, not just memories of planning. :D

Thank you, for teaching me how to let things flow, you know who you are :)

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The little things

I just remembered my Literature teacher's last words before his last lesson for our class ended last week as I write this little blog entry - he told about us how big things are merely just a compostion of small things.

In our generation today, we've always thought about the big things. On how big we can achieve, how big our dreams are, how big we can be, when the underlying reason behind all these are the small, simple things that will make us truly happy.

A BIG mansion, would make someone very happy, but SMALL little children living on it will give much truer happiness. An acceptance call from a BIG company can make someone jump in sheer joy, but a call from that special someone who tells all the SMALL things he misses and loves about you, are the things that will truly make your heart sing.

We've always want BIG things, in hopes of finding our BIG, true happiness in them. 

After all, humans are just simple creatures.

In the end of the day, it's still the small, simple things that make up that happiness of ours.

And I hope this little blog entry help you find those little things that'll build your true happiness. :)
 Ok, so I haven't really did blog much since school has been busy as hell, but as my friend Cindy gave me another inspiration, I'm here again blogging hahahaha. XD

Like hers, this one is pretty random, and kinda weird.

1.) Ok like her, i hate worms too, no matter how healthy some of them are. Worms are worms dude.
2.) I furiously believe that butterflies can make you go blind.
3.) I'm not afraid of walking alone in a dark road, but scared shit of walking alone in our house with all the lights out.
4.) I hate Lady Gaga.(Ok, this is normal I think)
5.) I hate Barney.(He's a dinosaur and purple, come on!)
6.) I tap my fingers on my chin while thinking to subtly act that I'm playing with my imaginary thinking beard.
7.) I curse whenever I make one of my programs work.(this is one of Programming Happiness Syndrome's symptoms)
8.) I love love love horror movies, especially the gore ones.
9.) I'm allergic to chocolates....and nuts and caffeine.
10.) I say sorry to my laptop whenever it crashes believing it'll come back to life if i do.(Hey, this worked a couple of times.)
11.) I call God, "Big Boss". 
12.) Till now I still think 13 is a bad number so I'll end this list now.

Thanks for reading! :D

Without thinking

Okay...I'm currently lying on my bed now thinking on the next couple of words I'll type to complete my five page term paper.

I was just thinking of the things that comes to my mind without even thinking. Kind of a paradox ain't it? Though it does happen a lot. Like this entry, I'm totally now thinking of this my hands are just typing...

I think maybe it's coz wonderful thoughts just flow into our mind, we don't force think them...

Eh I should've started this term paper a bit earlier since the Flow of thoughts today are slow and...fucking agonizing.

Ok, I should stop typing now.

Dropping my phone now.

Till tomorrow. XD

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Lurking thoughts

I know i said I won't be blogging since I have work to do but I just have lurking thoughts about angels.

In a simple context, they are like humans right? Except that they are divine and we are full o sin. So, do they live like us too? You know, going to movies, parties, having a family of their own, going to work.

Ok well maybe not really coz it'll be a sure thing they worship God a whole lot more, because they're divine and everything that comes with that term.

But you know what i mean...they are depicted like humans in the bible right? They even fall in love with humans. But...some say they don't have genders?

Eeh it's all really confusing, and interesting tooXD

Actually this is a reason why I would work hard to get to heaven one day.

The secret of what Angels really are.

I hope I can report it back to earth though.

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Testing testing

Because of a friend giving me an inspiration, I've become addicted to it and even installed a livejournal app on my iPhone. Fuck yeah I'll be blogging so much from now on.

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My first personal blog entry haha.

 It's been a while since I post something here again haha.  I usually posts stories here but oh well, a friend of mine posts personal, just random blogs here so I thought I'll try too. XD

I started using since this site since I was 15 and I'm 17 now, and I must say...nothing really changed here compared to what happened to my life.

I feel kinda bad because i don't really write stories anymore and that's like, my real passion in life. I really should start again...yeah i really should. 

Wow, this is a nice and great way to word your thoughts...maybe i should write here more often than not.